K-Laser Cube Plus 30

Elevate your recovery with the Laser Rehab Revolution

Harnessing HPL Technology for fast, painless, and non-invasive treatments, it accelerates recovery without medication. Ideal for post-surgery rehab, this high-powered device ensures efficient photon delivery, shorter treatment times, and maximum absorption for swift healing and pain relief in soft tissues and joints.


Portable & Ease-of-Use

The K-Laser Cube 30 is a lightweight and easily portable device designed for utmost user-friendliness, making it intuitive to use for professionals in various settings, ensuring convenience and flexibility in delivering laser therapy.

Reinforced Optical Cable

K-Laser Cube 30 comes with a durable optical connection system, ensuring stable and reliable laser transmission. This feature enhances the device’s longevity and maintains consistent laser output for effective treatments in rehabilitation and therapy.

Intuitive Graphical Interface

The Intuitive Graphical Interface of K-Laser Cube 30 simplifies energy adjustment and treatment selection based on the patient’s pain profile, enhancing user-friendly controls for targeted therapies.

Heat-Resistant Handpiece

The handpiece’s remarkable heat resistance showcases its pioneering material technology, staying consistently cool. Additionally, its new distal piece stands out with easy maintenance, sterilization, and self-lubrication features, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Smart Handpiece

The Smart handpiece of K-Laser Cube 30 includes safety features like a movement sensor, temperature control, and speed control to ensure precise and safe laser therapy.

Multi-Mode Handpiece

The multi-mode handpiece allows for various treatment modes by offering interchangeable optic software, enabling professionals to customize treatments by indications or client needs.


Sport Physio

Elevate sports recovery with INDIBA treatments. Accelerate natural tissue repair in the acute phase, reducing pain and swelling. Combine with manual therapy for unparalleled results. In chronic situations, increase deep blood flow by 79%, enhancing recovery and sports performance.


Get back on your feet with INDIBA Podiatry. Tailored devices and protocols address foot conditions, harnessing potent yet gentle radiofrequency to stimulate the body's healing. Painlessly and effectively, INDIBA Podiatry accelerates natural recovery for various foot ailments.

Dermato Functional

Experience rejuvenation with INDIBA: Elevate cell metabolism, enhance skin tone, and stimulate collagen synthesis for a tighter, youthful look. Scientifically proven to halt fat deposits, accelerate healing for scars, and boost blood flow for improved legs and cellulite appearance.



The CUBE PLUS 30 High-Power Laser (HPL) represents a groundbreaking advancement in laser rehabilitation therapies, setting a new industry standard. Utilizing its HPL Technology, this device offers rapid, pain-free, and non-invasive treatments that promote recovery without the need for medication. It is especially valuable for post-surgery rehabilitation and various therapeutic interventions.
The CUBE PLUS 30 operates within a high-power range, streamlining the delivery of photons and resulting in shorter treatment durations. This is achieved by harnessing multiple wavelengths simultaneously to maximize the absorption of energy by the targeted chromophores. The outcome is expedited healing and pain relief in soft tissues and joints, driven by photochemical and photothermal responses.

Accessories and Consumables

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