Speed. Power. Elegance.

Innovation in high-tech and design. Equus takes to a whole new level the radiofrequency technology with a device 100% developed for the equine professional and for the equestrian environment.



With a formidable 200W capacity, Equus delivers a powerful impact, reaching every equine condition with unmatched strength.


Tailored for equine needs, Equus provides not just effective but soothing treatment experiences for our majestic companions.


Guided by advanced technology, Equus is an intelligent partner in equine health, ensuring precision for optimal treatment outcomes.


Pioneering a realm where efficacy meets precision, Equus combines thermal effects and 448 kHz electrical stimuli for unparalleled results in equine care.


Designed with horse well-being in mind, Equus ensures a secure environment for effective treatments, guaranteeing the care they deserve.

Top-Athletes' First Choice

Recognized as the premier choice for elite athletes, INDIBA stands as the go-to for achieving peak recovery and performance in the equestrian world.

A line of products according to your needs

Resistive (RES) Mode
Capacitive (CAP) Mode
Resistive (RES) Mode
Capacitive (CAP) Mode
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
< 2.5 %
< 2.5 %
Output frequency
448 kHz
448 kHz
Maximum output voltage
100 V~ (RMS)
140 V ~ (RMS)
Maximum output apparent power
65 VA
250 VA
200 VA
450 VA
Maximum output active power
65 W
50 W
200 W
150 W
Maximum output frequency error
± 2 kHz
± 2 kHz
Maximum output power error
± 10% or ± 2 W, the greater of the two
± 10% or ± 2 W, the greater of the two


Pain Management

Targeting pain in sacroiliac joints, arthritis, and osteoarthritis, as well as neck, dorsal, and gluteal muscles for comprehensive pain management.


Addressing tendinitis, desmitis, bursitis, muscle tears, and sprains with specialized rehabilitation solutions for effective recovery.

Accelerated Post-Surgery Healing

Supporting recovery from joint issues, post-op healing, and managing pain, fractures, and fissures for a swift and effective rehabilitation journey.

Injury Prevention

Enhancing sport horse performance through pre-exercise conditioning, aiding relaxation and recovery, and managing muscle pain, trigger points, and contractures.



The Equus devices are the first-ever devices in the RF market to be 100% developed to serve the needs of the equine professional and to be applied on horses. From software to accessories, they have all been carefully developed and designed for the equine sector.

Smart Handle

A step into the future of the INDIBA devices! The Equus Smart Handle introduces a unique way of application, never known in Radiofrequency devices before: Capacitive and Resistive electrodes connected to the same handle. No more extra cables, no more mess!


Why Smart?

The Smart Handle is able to recognize the electrode that is being connected to it. But that’s not all! It has a screen that will show the time left for a treatment, buttons and control remotely the power applied, and it can also detect the temperature beneath the active electrode. All in a small, ergonomic handle, completely thought for the equine environment (waterproof seals, resistant materials).

Accessories and Consumables

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