Reverse Skin Aging

Reverso is a Fractional RF device, offering highly efficient, patient- tailored skin resurfacing. The device incorporates several innovative technological solutions, all intended to guarantee optimal clinical results while maintaining the utmost safety.

Customize Treatments

Treatment by Reverso is based on the Variable Pulse Profile (VPP) technology

Flat Pulse

Constant energy throughout the pulse duration. Suitable for all skin types and skin conditions.

Super Pulse

Peak-then-plateau pulse, for deeper ablation. Suitable for repairing scars (including post acne scars) and stretch marks, as well as for massive tissue remodeling in mature skin.

Double Pulse

Double pulse in varying power, for extra ablation and coagulation. Suitable for treatment of mature skin and for repairing scars.

Double Speed Scan

Parallel pulse, enabling quick energy transmission, in half the time of the Flat Pulse. Suitable for broad skin areas, as well as for thin and sensitive skin (less-painful treatment).

Energy Delivery Patterns - Impact on the Skin

Full Grid (100% of the pins are active) - This pattern generates maximum ablation spots in the treatment area. Intended for rejuvenation of mature skin.
Partial Grid (50% of the pins are active) - This energy delivery pattern is most suitable for resurfacing younger skin and for shrinking enlarged pores.
Alternating Lines (50% of the pins are active) - This pattern is specifically intended for skin tightening in a pre-defined direction.





The Reverso tip emits radio-frequency pulses every second, and covers a work area of ~2 cm² per pulse. The combination of a large tip area and short pulse intervals offers enhanced efficacy, and therefore a better treatment experience for users and patients alike.


Reverso generates energy of up to 10 W per pin. This high power causes substantial (yet carefully controlled) thermal destruction in patients’ skin. The quicker and the more powerful the thermal destruction is, the more effective and the less risky the resulting ablation.

Depth of Penetration

Reverso implements the Very Sharp Pin (VSP) technology: The needles on the Reverso tips have a very sharp edge, at an angle of 15°, facilitating penetration to the dermis, in varying depths, up to a depth of 1 mm.

Award Winning Design

Red Dot Design Award 2022

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IDA Design Awards

The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. present the Museum's annual GOOD DESIGN® Awards Program for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world.

IDA Design Awards

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Which is the thickness of the needle?
0.15 mm

How apart are the pins in each type of tip?
Pins separated 1.1 mm in 176. 2.2 in 88

Minimum and maximum energy per pin:
It is 0-62 for 88 and 0-124 for the rest.

The depth of ablation, coagulation and residual heat.
REVERSO histological images  show that the ablation goes deeper than 1mm needles. About the residual heat, it cannot be analyzed in a histology as the tissue has gone different procedures and it all has the same temperature.
In general, it can be sated that REVERSO reaches reticular dermis.

What material are the needles of Reverso made of?
Stainless steel for medical use

Are the needles of Reverso insulated?
No, they are not. Although, due to their geometry, the energy is concentrated in the tip of the needles, it burns the tissue from its surface to pierce down into the skin, this does not happen with insulated needles.

How long after Botulinum Toxin can we do Reverso?
One month after. If a botulinum toxin touch-up is necessary, the treatment will be applied one month after the touch-up.

Can we treat someone with Rosacea with Reverso?
Rosacea is not a contraindication to use.
Reverso and even in some patients we have found some improvement of symptoms.

If we compare the 44 needles tip with the 88, when do we use one or another?
The 44 tip is recommended for thicker skin such as old body scars, large stretch marks or body flaccidity.

When can we apply Fillers after Reverso?
After 3-4 weeks and wait another month for another Reverso treatment.

Why is the energy tuning a percentage (%) when it actually expresses the time (ms) of exposure to the pulse?
The output power of a device is a function of the tissue impedance, the 59 official 10 W power is given under a precise impedance, that means that the power varies slightly depending on the skin resistance (due to thickness and hydration), but the percentage does not change.

Can we also have an effect on deep hyperpigmentations?
The needles are not long enough to treat deep hyperpigmentation.

Is it possible to use the REVERSO to treat axillary hyperhidrosis?
Although some FRF devices are used for hyperhidrosis, REVESO needles are not long enough to effectively treat hyperhidrosis.

How to use the Reverso on higher phototypes (IV-VI)?
Patients whose skin type is 3-6 on the Fitzpatrick scale must use melanin suppressants regularly, beginning 2 weeks before the first fractional RF treatment. Patients should stop the use of melanin suppressants one day before each treatment, and resume use 1 week after treatment (provided the post-treatment inflammation process has ended). One week before test in the neck 2 pulses to see how the skin behaves and apply sunscreen.

Is “double pulse” the same as pressing the handpiece button twice?
No, double pulse means that in the scan mode of the shot, two pins, instead of a single on, are emitting at the same time, so it takes half the time to complete the scan and the output power is divided among those two pins, so is half aggressive.

If the patient has a pacemaker, can we do Reverso on an abdominal scar or scar in an extremity?
Although the current closes circuit in the tip area on the skin, electronic implants are a general contraindication for RF treatments. Do not treat in case of electronic implant far away of the treatment zone, without consent from the surgent who maid the implant, as he knows what type of implant was used and how protected it is from RF radiation.

How long after natural birth and how long after C-section can we start treating stretch marks on the abdomen?
Stretch marks can be treated any time after the birth, although it is best to let the abdominal skin rest from the strong tension it has been submitted during the pregnancy for at least a couple of weeks. The area around the C section must be avoided during the treatment.

Does reverso affect the hair regrowth?
No, in fact fractional RF is being used to stimulate hair regrowth.

Can serums be used immediately after the treatment to take advantage of the open channels?
We do not recommend to do it although it is not contraindicated as long as they do not contain acids.

Can microneedling be performed before the anaesthetic cream is applied to improve its effectiveness and does it interfere with the treatment?
As it would be a double aggression it would interfere in the treatment with more inflammation and probably a longer recovery time, as this is a relevant point in comparison to other FRF devices we do not recommend its combination.

When can INDIBA 448 kHz current be applied after a REVERSO session?
Although there is no contraindication in its combination, to applied very close to the REVERSON session would not make much sense as it would interfere with the inflammation process, which is exactly the reaction REVERSO is looking for in this treatment, so at least 7 days apart should be taken among REVERESO sessions and INDIBA.

How long should be among 3-4 sessions rounds?
This will depend on the severity of the condition to treat, but at least one year should be the minimum to wait. REVERSO as any FRF has a biological cost, so meanwhile treatments with INDIBA can be performed for the maintenance program as well as to delay a little a new round of REVERSO sessions.

When are the effects starting to be visible?
After three days, the patient starts to feel the skin tight due to the contraction of type I collagen (collagen recycling), but the real effect, the production of new collagen, starts to be visible at about one month of the first session.

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