Unlock transformative recovery with INDIBA technology, harnessing natural tissue repair for improved mobility and pain reduction in musculoskeletal injuries, complemented by our advanced K-Laser therapy tailored for swift and effective healing in diverse conditions.


INDIBA acts by balancing cell metabolism, promoting tighter and younger looking skin. By treating the body with our radiofrequency therapy, muscle and skin tone is improved through increased circulation and promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

INDIBA has been shown in molecular studies to cause adipocytes to stop, reducing fat deposits for good. In the case of the scars (as for example after a surgery or a caesarean) INDIBA can accelerate healing, reduce swelling and bruising to help the correct healing process.

INDIBA can also be used to increase the blood flow over the legs and be integrated with manual therapy, to improve the lymphatic drainage and the appearance of cellulite.



This lightweight and compact device makes it the perfect solution for clinics that want to maximize treatment potential and clinic space.


The advanced features and capabilities of the INDIBA CT8 enable the delivery of precise low and high output power in both operational modes, namely CAP and RES.


The CT9 is an exceptional device for medical practices of all sizes, designed for optimal performance with maximum guaranteed speed, power, and stability.


The AERO Flow is a highly effective device that enhances a patient's mobility. It is compatible with both CT8 and CT9 units, making it the most powerful solution available for fascia on the market.

K-Laser Cube 4

The K-Laser Cube 4 offers adjustable energy delivery and targeted treatments for effective pain relief through multiple wavelengths, promoting tissue healing and joint comfort.

K-Laser Cube Plus 30

The ultraportable highest power ideal solution in post-surgery and rehabilitation treatments that stimulates rapid tissue repair.


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