Blue Derma

Embrace Every Possibility.

World's first Blue laser with 3 wavelengths for surgery and therapy. New energy source based on the absorption of melanin and hemoglobin.


3 Wavelengths: 445 nm + 660 nm + 970 nm
K-Laser Blue Derma is the first blue laser device in the world with 3 wavelengths for surgery and therapy.
Multiuse and Versatile
Allows a wide range of application fields combining both surgical and therapeutic treatments. The multi-mode handpiece allows for various treatment modes by offering interchangeable optic software, enabling professionals to customize treatments by indications or client needs.
Portable & Ease-of-Use
A lightweight and easily portable device designed for utmost user-friendliness, making it the perfect choice for professionals in various settings, ensuring convenience and flexibility in delivering laser therapy. Only 1.5 kg weight including the handpiece and the rechargeable battery.
The Smart handpiece of K-Laser Blue Derma 4 includes safety features like a movement sensor, temperature control, and speed control to ensure precise and safe laser therapy. Moreover, all surgical components used can be sterilized.
K-Laser Blue Derma requires no maintenance and utilizes cost-effective consumable materials.
Intuitive Graphical Interface
The Intuitive Graphical Interface of K-Laser Blue Derma simplifies energy adjustment and treatment selection based on the patient’s pain profile, enhancing user-friendly controls for targeted therapies.


Surgical treatments:

Dermatological Surgery

K-Laser Blue Derma covers a wide array of treatments in dermatological surgery, ranging from common concerns like nevi and warts to more specific issues such as papillomas and fibromas. Additionally, it facilitates procedures like biopsies with precision. Furthermore, it provides versatility, enabling procedures such as photorejuvenation, scar treatment, and resurfacing.

Vascular Surgery

In vascular surgery, K-Laser Blue Derma treats a range of conditions, including teleangiectasias in the legs, nose, and other areas, as well as ruby angiomas, spider angiomas, flat angiomas, and cavernous small angiomas. With precise procedures and versatile capabilities, it's an essential tool for vascular care


In podiatry, K-Laser Blue Derma effectively treats common conditions such as onychomycosis and ingrown nails, providing essential solutions for foot health

Age and Solar spots

K-Laser Blue Derma effectively targets age and solar spots, offering advanced solutions for skin rejuvenation and enhancing overall complexion.

Therapy treatments

Dermatological therapy

In dermatological therapy, K-Laser Blue Derma offers targeted solutions for a variety of conditions, including acne vulgaris, wound healing, diabetic ulcers, and lichen planus. With its advanced technology, it provides effective treatment options for improved skin health and overall well-being.

Tissue therapy

In tissue therapy, K-Laser Blue Derma addresses a spectrum of issues including mucositis, infections, dermatitis, reinforced immune response, bone matrix stimulation, and lesion detection. With its advanced capabilities, it offers comprehensive solutions for tissue health and recovery, promoting overall wellness and vitality.

Pain therapy

K-Laser Blue Derma provides effective relief for various conditions such as chronic pain, acute pain, inflammation, and edema. With its advanced technology, it offers targeted solutions to alleviate discomfort and promote healing, enhancing quality of life for individuals experiencing pain.



K-Laser Blue Derma is a three-wavelength device that mainly exploits the 445 nm one. Unlike all other infra-red lasers, K-Laser is not based on water absorption but rather on the absorption of melanin and haemoglobin. This feature allows obtaining many advantages in the surgical field. Thanks to its higher energy coefficient, compared to infra-red laser, it has increased antiseptic and biostimulating properties. The 445 nm wavelength is combined with 660 nm and 970 nm ones since they support superficial and deep tissue biostimulation.

The 445nm wavelength interacts with the molecules at systemic level and is absorbed by both haemoglobin and melanin much better than with an infra-red laser. The blue wavelength is also effective on numerous bacterial strains, thus exploiting its antiseptic properties and achieving excellent results in tissues incision, both for surgical and vascular purposes. It is also useful in treating diabetic ulcers and bedsores

The 660nm wavelength can transfer an optimal dosage of energy to the tissue. This energy is thus stored at cellular level with subsequent increase in both cell proliferation and metabolism. Thus, it allows obtaining remarkable results in the healing of wound, diabetic and vascular ulcers.

The 970nm wavelength is absorbed by the water contained in our body: most of such energy is turned into heat. The deep layers of tissues thus become localised heat points able to generate temperature gradients at cellular level and to stimulate the local microcirculation thanks to the oxygen supply provided by this wavelength.

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