New Sculpture Electrodes: Body Shaping

Published:18 June,2020

Body remodelling and targeted cellulite treatments remain some of the most in-demand treatments by clients. The global pandemic of COVID-19 and isolation at home will lead to a greater increase in such treatments. In addition, due to this period of change and stress, customers are looking for treatments that can help them to relax, release tension and reduce stress. INDIBA® has designed the new “sculpture electrodes“, a pack of three new electrodes with accessories and protocols, which will help you focus on the most in-demand treatments at this time of the year, with greater comfort and better results. Silvia Oliete from Blauceldona, one of the most prestigious aestheticians from Barcelona explains why she uses Sculpture Electrodes on her clients.  

Why is the Sculpture Electrodes the right choice for your center?

  • Better results in complicated areas (fibrous cellulite)
  • More effective body reshaping
  • A greater sense of well-being for your clients

What are the indications that you can treat with the new Sculpture Electrodes?

  • Fibrous cellulite
  • Body shaping
  • Localized fat reduction
  • Improve drainage and elimination of toxins
  • Improve sagging, regenerate tissue, drain and release accumulated tension in double chin, neck and trapezius
  • Release tension from the back of the cervical area and work on fat accumulation

Already an EDNA or EDNA PRO client?

Check out the new protocols available with the new sculpture electrodes:
  • Reshape, contour, reduce fat, and drain arms and armpits
  • Treatment of fibrous cellulite
  • Tissue regeneration, drainage, removal of toxins, improvement of circulation, combating of cellulite, improvement of skin quality and reshaping the silhouette of the entire back of the legs
  • Redefining silhouette and body contouring
  • Improvement of venous return, a decrease of heaviness, generation of well-being in the palm area, sole of the feet and hands
  • In-depth face tightening
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