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Published:22 July,2020

“It’s the phone call guaranteed to chill any trainer’s blood in the days after a win: ‘A prohibited substance has been detected; your horse has been disqualified’.

It’s a devastating blow. The reward for all the blood, sweat and tears leading up to a race win is snatched away to be replaced by questions, namely ‘how’ and ‘when’?”


This is the introduction to the article published in the latest issue of Trainer Magazine “Radiofrequency therapy – used for reducing pain – managing inflammation – aiding tissue repair – reducing muscle spasm”.

Trainer Martin Keighley, back in 2016 suffered the worst nightmare a trainer can have when a test on Any Currency revealed traces of triamcinolone acetonide (TCA), after winning a race. This experience made Keighley even more cautious about using medication and with the help of his animal physiotherapist, Hannah Ashton, they have found the way of drastically reducing the need of medication on his horses. The answer: Radiofrequency.



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