INDIBA relieves my pain and discomfort, releases muscular tensions and my muscles and legs recover faster.

Published:10 May,2021

Testimony of Nicole Davis
American Volleyball player, two times Olympic runner-up, World Champion.

“The first time I used INDIBA Activ was for the treatment of patellar tendonitis, knee inflammation, and also quadriceps muscle recovery.

After each session, I always perceived a net improvement. The treatment relieved pain and discomfort, released muscle tension and my legs recovered faster after intense training or matches.

I am really satisfied with the results obtained with the INDIBA Activ therapy. I think INDIBA has been an essential part of my rehabilitation and my return to the field during the French Championship play-offs.”

The therapist’s opinion

Florent Digani 
Osteopath in Cannes

“INDIBA Activ was used on Nicole Davis in order to allow her continue training and especially to play the end of season games that were to follow. The resting time between two games was too short, so it was complicated to go through an infiltration protocol. INDIBA permitted us to overcome her inflammation, which was serious and impeded her when she played. The treatment also allowed her to recover easily and reduced pain. In addition, the muscular tension that she was experiencing gradually disappeared.

We had sessions after each training session and the day after each match, and in a few sessions we had remarkable improvements. Though the pains did not disappear completely, they were less frequent and of moderate intensity. Thanks to Indiba, we were able to permit her take part this end of the season in the French Cup finals and in the championship, where the players had to play almost every 3-4 days.”

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