INDIBA Animal Health conquers Japan

Published:15 July,2020

Our technology has crossed great borders and reached Japan, where the use of INDIBA Animal Health has become a must in the sports horse and animal well-being industry.


INDIBA Animal Health arrived in Japan over 2 years ago with the introduction of the VET905 device through our partners INDIBA-Japan Co., LTD. Thanks to their dedication and perseverance, today in Japan there are many VET905 units that are being used daily on racehorses to treat injuries, but often more to improve the performance of these athletes.

On the other hand, our AH-100 device, recently introduced within the same market, is making its way into small animal centers. These include wellness centers for pets, such as the FuriFuri ITABASHI, located in Tokyo, which has incorporated INDIBA Animal Health into their treatments.

Image property of FuriFuri ITABASHI


The benefits they find in INDIBA are:
・ Natural healing power (biostimulation).
・ Muscles are loosened.
・ Relaxation of the pet.
・ Recovery appetite due to the improvement of wellness.

Their success is so noticeable that a local Japanese television program decided to cover the news.

Watch it here


We are very proud that our technology is being increasingly recognized and, above all, that more and more animals are benefiting from its use. And we greatly appreciate our collaborating partners INDIBA-Japan.



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