INDIBA and UMIVALE Activa Collaborate to Improve Premium Occupational Health Services

Published:20 February,2024

[Barcelona, 19 Feb 2024] – INDIBA, a world leader in innovative technology, and UMIVALE Activa, a recognized mutual company dedicated to occupational health, with the help of Activa Suministros Médicos, official distributors in the Levante area, are pleased to announce their collaboration to revolutionize the landscape of premium health services in the workplace.

UMIVALE Activa will become the first mutual company to offer premium occupational health services, incorporating INDIBA’s technology in all its centers. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in the delivery of unparalleled health solutions aimed at improving employee well-being and optimizing productivity for companies.

With INDIBA’s cutting-edge technology integrated into UMIVALE Activa’s services, employees and employers can expect faster and more effective recovery processes. This collaboration underscores the commitment to leverage advanced medical innovations to address the changing needs of the modern workplace.

We are excited to partner with UMIVALE Activa to empower individuals and businesses with transformative healthcare solutions” assures Pablo Ramos, commercial manager at INDIBA Iberia.

By harnessing the power of INDIBA’s technology, UMIVALE Activa aims to streamline and accelerate recovery processes, benefiting both employees and businesses. This collaboration emphasizes the importance of proactive healthcare management in fostering a safe and prosperous work environment.

The integration of INDIBA’s technology into UMIVALE Activa’s services represents a significant breakthrough in redefining the standards of occupational health and wellness. Together, these industry leaders are poised to set a new benchmark for excellence in workplace healthcare.


INDIBA is a world leader in innovative healthcare technology, specializing in cutting-edge solutions for rehabilitation, aesthetics and sports medicine. With a commitment to advancing medical science through pioneering research and development, INDIBA offers transformative solutions that improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life.

About UMIVALE Activa:

UMIVALE Activa is a leading mutual provider of occupational health services, dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of employees in the workplace. With a wide range of services designed to meet the unique needs of companies in diverse industries, UMIVALE Activa is committed to providing excellence in occupational health and safety.

About Activa Medical Supplies:

Activa Suministros Médicos is a company specialized in the distribution of cutting-edge medical technology and providing specialized training for health professionals. Activa Suministro Médico is an official INDIBA distributor in Valencia, Murcia, Albacete and Cuenca.

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