I use INDIBA Activ every day, in 90% of my sessions.

Published:17 March,2021

Client Experience hear Johann Baudot, Osteopathic physiotherapist at Physioform Mougins cabinet, experience using INDIBA.

“I own a multi-disciplinary physiotherapy practice: diverse therapies, pelvic floor, but also physio-aesthetics and holistic medicine… My desire is to improve and accelerate patient care. I have thus chosen to invest in technologies that allow me to do so.

We have been equipped with INDIBA Activ for 6 years. Its action on cells gives us faster results than classic tecartherapy, especially on acute pathologies where thermal effect is contraindicated. At present, we have 4 devices within the business.

INDIBA has largely contributed to the development of the practice as it allows a complete offering both in physiotherapy and aesthetics. In our work, the equipment has also made it possible to justify non-classified procedures, thanks to its innovative technology, scientifically recognised effects and rapid results. This is what I want for my patients, efficiency and complete safety. I can say that INDIBA has its place here, it is the ideal tool for our practice: pleasant, manual therapy, with the mastery of this technology.

Just this morning, I received Mrs B. 40 years old, referred to me for acute shoulder pain following a fitness session. She was in a lot of pain, she had severe pain during both active and passive mobilization. After diagnosis, she presented a subacromial impingement syndrome due to overexertion during her activity.

At first, I treated her with manual therapy to release peripheral tension.

I followed this with an INDIBA Activ 20-minute subthermal treatment session to treat the inflammation and relax the area. This allowed the patient to relax and reduced her pain. I was then able to work on passive mobilization (repositioning, internal and external rotations, …).

By the end, Mrs. B. had recovered 90% of her passive movement ability and was able to raise her arm at a 90° angle without pain. I’m sure in two or three sessions we will have solved the problem. I would not have been able to obtain such results, especially concerning pain reduction, without using INDIBA Activ.»

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