I International Lipedema Symposium (Barcelona)

Published:8 September,2020


INDIBA® Deep Care will be exhibiting at the 1st Spanish Lipedema Symposium ON-SITE and ON-LINE that will take place on
Saturday, September 19th at the AXA auditorium in Barcelona (Spain).

Lipedema is a little known disorder of the distribution of fatty tissue, which almost exclusively affects women, and mainly involves the lower extremities. Lipedema is a disease that must be approached in a multidisciplinary way, since there are many professionals in the field of medicine who must participate: from the general practitioner, who needs to have the right knowledge of what is a lipedema to be able to prevent the development of this disease in its highest degrees and stages, passing through the vascular surgeon who will make the diagnosis and rule out a concomitant venous pathology, not forgetting the plastic surgeon who wants to help achieve a good result that reduces their clinical pain and heaviness they have been dragging for years. Likewise to physiotherapists who will take care of the patient’s postoperative period and are as important as everything else.

In this Symposium we will have the presence of great professionals in the field of diagnosis, treatment and all those areas that impact on Lipedema, such as: nutrition, physiotherapy, liposuction and postoperative.



The symposium will feature a live lipedema legs surgery that will be broadcast from Clinica Londres, Carrer Entença 321, few meters from the auditorium.


The AXA auditorium complies with all the requirements for natural and mechanical ventilation so that the symposium can be held safely while fully respecting all the measures required by the CCAA. You can take a virtual tour of the Auditorium at the following link: https://www.axa.es/acerca-axa/auditorio-y-centro-de-convenciones-visita-virtual






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