Benjamin Cavet

Arkéa-Samsic, High-Level Road Race Cycling Team.
Established in 2005 under the name Bretagne-Jean Floc’h, this elite-level cycling team went through many iterations before finally emerging as Arkéa-Samsic in 2019. The team’s name combines the main sponsors – Arkéa, a French banking group, and Samsic – a French business services company.

Although the team’s name may have seen plenty of flux, its competitive cycling results have followed a remarkably steady improvement. Indeed, they have recorded more victories and podiums every year since 2019. This year they already have 11 wins and 48 podiums, their best haul yet, and the year is nowhere near over.

This exciting growth in performance perhaps is no surprise, considering the team comprises some of the top performers in the sport. These include Nairo Quintana, Warren Barguil, and Nacer Bouhanni. Nairo Quintana, for example, is well known for having brought important successes to the team like the Tour de la Provence as well as the Tour des Alpes-Maritimes et du Var.

As it stands today, Arkéa-Samsic occupies the fifth spot in the world rankings and is the second-best team in France. However, as mentioned earlier, the team is on an amazing upward trajectory with great things surely on the horizon.

INDIBA technology is used to support the elite athletes in the Arkéa-Samsic team by helping them to optimize their recovery from training and competitions. This allows them to push harder in each training session or competition to ensure they perform at the highest level possible. In addition, INDIBA treats common injuries these athletes encounter, reducing downtime and aiding performers in returning to their sport faster.
Mikel Otero – Physiotherapist-Osteopath

“I use INDIBA with several cyclists in their recovery protocol every day during stage races in addition to the draining massage to activate cell regeneration and microcirculation and thus perfect the drainage of the muscles of the lower limbs. This mode of use is very popular with cyclists because it improves their recovery and creates a feeling of total relaxation after the treatment. We also use INDIBA to treat common sports injuries specific to cycling, including tendinopathy, joint pain, stiffness, neck pain, and lower back pain. INDIBA technology is an essential technology for the recovery and rehabilitation of our athletes; cyclists appreciate its use and the effect felt after the session, which gives an immediate improvement.”



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