“Movement is Life” Event Series

June 13, 2024 – 5:30pm to 9:30pm EST
The Colony Hotel – West Palm Beach, Florida

You are invited to join INDIBA for an educational event in West Palm Beach, FL. Featuring preeminent practitioners Dr. Sunny Gill, Principal Arlumian Health Consulting, and Dr. Tajuan Woody, Owner/Founder of La Vie Chiropractic. Together they will review the:

  1. Science behind INDIBA’s 448 kHz radiofrequency.
  2. Review cases and pearls for achieving clinical outcomes.
  3. Integrating technology for growth.
  4. Patient pay models.
  5. And more!
Time Agenda
Arrival & Welcome
6:00–6:10pmOpening Remarks
Dr. Tajuan Woody, D.C. – Unveiling INDIBA: Exploring Mechanisms of Action & Clinical Outcomes
Dr. Sunny Gill – Unlocking Revenue Streams: Strategies for Practice Growth
Unleashing Tech: Live Product Presentation
Closing Remarks
Networking Dinner

Dr. Tajuan WoodyDr. Tajuan Woody, D.C.

Dr. Woody-Mahatoo has been practicing chiropractic at Chiro Practique Spine Care and Acupuncture since 2003 in Birmingham, Alabama. She has been the team Physician for the World Basketball Association (WBA) and American Basketball Association (ABA) professional men’s basketball leagues. Dr. Woody-Mahatoo is National Board Certified in Acupuncture and Physiological Therapeutics. Along with chiropractic adjustments she also provides modalities such as heat, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound and laser acupuncture.

Dr. Woody-Mahatoo has been involved with several organizations such as the Alabama State Chiropractic Association, the Life University LifeForce 1000 and she is an associate member of the Professional Football Chiropractic Society. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries, personal injury, family wellness, nutrition and Ryorduraku acupuncture. Dr. Woody-Mahatoo is very passionate about postural correction, health and dietary supplementation with nutraceuticals and overall wellness care. Her goal is to educate her patients on the necessity of active chiropractic care to improve their health and wellness.

Dr. Sunny Gill


Dr. Sunny Gill, D.C., BSc

Dr. Sunny Gill is a renowned practice management consultant with a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry. As the owner of 12 successful medical practices, Dr. Gill has achieved remarkable expertise in optimizing healthcare operations and ensuring financial sustainability.

One of Dr. Gill’s standout achievements is his pioneering approach to bridging the gap between accepting insurance and maintaining a thriving cash practice. He has shared his invaluable knowledge with numerous medical clinics, guiding them on how to seamlessly integrate insurance while preserving their unique identity as cash-based practices. Dr. Gill’s visionary insights have transformed the healthcare landscape, empowering practices to provide top-notch care while offering essential non-covered services.

Dr. Gill’s dedication to patient education is commendable. He has played a pivotal role in teaching healthcare offices across the United States how to effectively educate patients about their financial responsibilities, particularly in areas such as Weight Loss, Sculpting, Neuropathy, and joint pain management. His commitment to empowering both healthcare providers and patients underscores his passion for enhancing the overall healthcare experience.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Gill has conducted numerous courses and workshops, sharing his expertise with medical professionals nationwide. Some of the transformative courses he has offered include “New Solutions to Neuropathy,” “Permanent Solutions to Weight Loss,” “Non-Surgical Sculpting,” “Innovative Approaches to Joint Pain,” and “Cutting-Edge Sciatica Treatment with INDIBA.” These courses have equipped healthcare practitioners with the knowledge and tools to deliver exceptional care and expand their service offerings.

Dr. Gill’s vision extends to recommended cash services, with a particular focus on INDIBA therapies. His endorsement of services like INDIBA Weight Loss, INDIBA Sculpting, and INDIBA Knee Pain Therapies reflects his commitment to cutting-edge treatments that improve patients’ lives while ensuring the financial viability of medical practices.

In summary, Dr. Sunny Gill’s remarkable journey as a practice management consultant and entrepreneur has reshaped the healthcare industry. His dedication to innovation, patient education, and the success of medical practices has left an indelible mark on the field, making him a highly respected and influential figure in healthcare management and patient care.

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