K-Laser Cube 4 Performance VET

Elevate veterinary care with Cube Performance, the global leader in Class IV Laser Therapy. Fast, intuitive treatments with 4 wavelengths, variable zoom, and electronic records. Why K-Laser? Pain-free, non-invasive, and accelerated recovery.


Portable & Ease-of-Use

The Cube Performance is a lightweight and easily portable device designed for utmost user-friendliness, making it intuitive to use for professionals in various settings, ensuring convenience and flexibility in delivering laser therapy.

Pain free, non-invasive treatment

Cube Performance offers pain-free, non-invasive treatment using advanced High Power Laser (HPL) technology, providing a gentle yet highly effective alternative to traditional veterinary therapies, promoting comfort and ease for animals.

Reduces the need for medication

Diminishes the reliance on medications by delivering powerful and targeted therapeutic laser treatments, offering a holistic approach that minimizes the need for conventional pharmaceuticals in veterinary care.

Conservative treatment where surgery is not an option.

Cube Performance provides a conservative treatment approach, especially beneficial when surgery is not an option, offering a non-invasive and safe alternative for veterinary care, promoting healing and well-being without resorting to surgical interventions.

Multiple modes for Safe Treatments.

Provides a secure treatment environment with its multiple modes, allowing practitioners to customize therapeutic approaches for various conditions, ensuring safe and tailored veterinary care through dynamic laser therapy options.

Short treatment times

The Cube Performance high power enables short treatment times, optimizing efficiency in veterinary care. Its simultaneous use of multiple wavelengths ensures swift, effective interventions for accelerated healing and reduced overall treatment duration.


Animal Well-being

Champion the holistic well-being of the animals you care for. Integrate INDIBA and K-Laser treatments into your practice to provide not just medical care but a comprehensive approach to nurturing overall health. Elevate your veterinary care to foster a joyful, balanced life for your patients.

Pain Management

Elevate the standard of care for your patients by implementing targeted treatments that not only manage pain effectively but also contribute to support improved healing and functionality.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Empower your veterinary practice with the unmatched capabilities of INDIBA and K-Laser technologies. Elevate the standard of care for your patients by implementing targeted treatments that not only manage pain effectively but also contribute to the comprehensive well-being of the animals under your care.

Injury Prevention

Enhancing sport horse performance through pre-exercise conditioning, aiding relaxation and recovery, and managing muscle pain, trigger points, and contractures.



Revolutionary PBM

Harness the power of Class IV Laser Therapy for photobiomodulation, ensuring advanced and effective treatment.


Optimal Wavelengths

our precise wavelengths (660, 800, 905, 970) cater to varied needs, maximizing therapeutic outcomes for diverse conditions.


Adaptive Frequencies

Tailor treatments with versatile frequency options—Continuous Wave, Pulsed, or Intense Super Pulse (ISP)—for personalized and efficient care.

  • Synergy of 4 wavelengths (660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970nm).
  • Employs 25W of power for enhanced performance.
  • Introduces the PLUS optic for precise energy output.
  • and maximum therapeutic efficiency.
  • Equipped with a handpiece featuring interchangeable optics and a variable zoom ranging from 1 to 5 cm2.
  • Combined with the effects of the K-Laser Cube series.
  • Enables professionals to tailor treatments according to the pathology and desired results

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