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INDIBA, based in Barcelona and Treviso, is a global medtech leader across the Aesthetics, Rehabilitation, and Animal Health industries, with a 40-year legacy of scientific research, strengthened further by the recent addition of K-Laser.

Based in Barcelona and Treviso, INDIBA stands at the forefront of global leadership in Aesthetics, Beauty, Rehabilitation, Sports, Intimate Health, Pharma, and Animal Health solutions, standing on a rich 40-year history of scientific innovation.

Our cutting-edge 448 kHz frequency technology is the cornerstone of our world-renowned therapies, empowering individuals to enhance their lives and accelerate recovery from injuries across various sectors. With the recent integration of K-LASER, a global leader in medical lasers, we’ve propelled our commitment to advancing treatments, embracing new technologies, and expanding our global presence in medical research.

At INDIBA, our pioneering spirit thrives as we continuously revolutionize treatment methods, addressing evolving needs in healthcare. Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of patients, particularly the aging population, enabling them to maintain their lifestyle as they age. Our relentless dedication to revitalizing lives drives our daily research and development efforts.

INDIBA has a longstanding position in Spain and a sustained track record of global growth. INDIBA, having strategically invested in market expansion, regulatory compliance, and operational excellence, has recently entered a transformative growth phase. True to our continuous fostering of innovation, we have added new technologies to our portfolio of products, unlocking new markets and new treatments for our trusted patients worldwide.


Founded in 1983 by Mr. José Calbet, INDIBA emerged as a result of his lifelong commitment to researching and developing radiofrequency equipment. Driven by a profound motivation to safely integrate radiofrequency into the body for health benefits, Mr. Calbet’s dedication yielded 12 patents and the design of over 25 different models, garnering international recognition and numerous awards for INDIBA technology.

Although Mr. Calbet passed away in 2018, his enduring legacy and values continue to shape the essence of INDIBA. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our superior products and certified work processes adhering to ISO 13485, CE 0051, CE 0476 and FDA standards.


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