INDIBA Transforms Client Experience with personalized mobile app.

Published: 11 July, 2023

My INDIBA App offers a highly personalized experience based on each client’s specific devices and profiles.

With the all-new My INDIBA App, clients can now effortlessly access key device information, participate in engaging webinars and training sessions, and explore a wide range of tailor-made marketing materials.


Barcelona, July 11, 2023 – INDIBA® Group, global leader in solutions for physiotherapy, aesthetics, and veterinary medicine, has launched My INDIBA App, an innovative mobile application designed to provide a highly personalized experience for its clients.

With the primary purpose of establishing a direct and specialized communication channel, the app has implemented a centralized support system that ensures a higher quality after-sales service tailored to the devices purchased and the individual profile of each client.

“Given that data suggests around 90% of smartphone time is spent on applications, at INDIBA® Group, we have identified the need to create an exclusive channel for our valuable clients and have recognized the pressing demand for excellent after-sales service.

“Therefore, we have taken a bold step and created My INDIBA App, a revolutionary application that completely redefines the way we interact with them. We are very excited to introduce this new era of customer service,” stated Remco Schmitz, CEO of INDIBA® Group.

The new app provides users with exclusive services tailored to their needs, demonstrating the company’s ongoing dedication to technological innovation.

These services include four main sections: that offer various functionalities and benefits: My device, that offers detailed information about devices and accessories, Learning, with webinars and training to enhance customers’ skills and knowledge, Promote, to access to marketing materials and sales presentations, thus promoting effective promotion of INDIBA® products, and Support with direct communication and prompt attention from INDIBA®.

With My INDIBA App, we have developed an innovative hybrid solution that allows our clients to conveniently access it through their mobile phones as well as the web version. This application, compatible with all INDIBA clients across brands and regions, is designed to deliver a global experience. Furthermore, we have ensured its accessibility by offering it in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Italian,” affirmed Jefferson de Souza, Global Head of Marketing of the company.

Throughout 2023 and 2024, My INDIBA App will continue to be developed, with plans for implementing different updates and expanding the community function to enhance and personalize the user experience.



INDIBA, headquartered in Barcelona, is a global leader in solutions for physiotherapy, aesthetics, and veterinary medicine. The company is internationally recognized for its scientific research conducted over the past 40 years and the incredible range of treatments that this research has enhanced and made possible. Last year, INDIBA merged with K-Laser, thus opening up to the development of new technologies and expanding the company’s product portfolio, medical research and indications, and geographical presence. It has 6 key divisions: Aesthetics, Beauty, Rehab, Sports, Intima, and Animal Health. The company is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. More Information: Link

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