Eltech K-Laser wins the legal battle against Summus and Dr. Richard Albright

Published:26 janvier,2024

Dearest Customers,

we are writing this comunication to address the confusion that has currently arisen from the declaration of SUMMUS MEDICAL LASER LLC, a former distributor of Eltech K-Laser S.r.l.

Nor SUMMUS MEDICAL LASER LLC nor Dr. Richard Albright have ever been the inventors, manufacturers or legitimate owners of K-Laser products and brands.

SUMMUS MEDICAL LASER LLC at the beginning was known as Laser Therapy LLC, founded by Dr. Richard Albright, and then later it changed its name in K-Laser USA LLC, as an exclusive distributor, for USA and Canada, of Eltech K-Laser S.r.l. for the K-Laser products made in Italy.

Eltech K-Laser S.r.l. is the inventor and owner of the K-Laser brands, and the manufacturer of the K-Laser devices, all made exclusively in Italy.

The distribution agreement with SUMMUS, at the time K-Laser USA LLC, was terminated by Eltech K-Laser S.r.l. in February 2018 when we found out that K-Laser USA LLC, in violation of the agreement, had affixed the K-Laser mark to a new Made in China product not manufactured by Eltech K-Laser S.r.l., more precisely on the laser device called “Platinum”, stating that it was a new K-Laser device model of higher quality.

After the termination of the distribution agreement, a great confusion arose the market since K-Laser USA LLC and Dr. Richard Albright refused to stop using the K-Laser marks in their business and continuing selling the Platinum as a K-Laser product.

Eltech K-Laser S.r.l. has permanently put an end to this problem through an arbitration award following a trial held in Atlanta and already confirmed by an U.S. court. The former distributor of our K-Laser products in the USA and Canada is subject to a court order to cease his improper use of the K-Laser marks, which belong only to Eltech K-Laser S.r.l.. Unfortunately, in the period prior to the court’s ruling, our former distributor had continued to sell the laser device called “Platinum” branded as a K-Laser product, stating that it was a new K-Laser device model of higher quality.
I am truly sorry for those who bought this product believing they were buying a real and new K-Laser device manufactured by Eltech K-Laser S.r.l..

In confirmation of the above, attached to this comunication, you will find a link with a summary of the facts contained in the Award (excerpts quoted and renumbered by Eltech K-Laser S.r.l.) and a copy of the injunction from the Award, in which we got justice in response to our former distributor’s illicit behavior.

K-Laser belongs to Eltech K-Laser, with headquarters in Treviso, Italy.
The clarity of this award leaves no room for uncertainties.
Our products K-Laser ® CUBE, which are currently included in our production range, were designed by my father Francesco Zanata, together with my team in Eltech K-Laser, developed and manufactured with our internal forces at unquestionable quality levels. Each component of all K-Laser devices is designed and manufactured by K-Laser.

We have been Made in Italy ever since Eltech K-Laser was founded in 1999.
Our growth and our constant commitment continue to rise.

K-Laser ® is our brand and it is registered in almost every country in the world.
Over the years, the K-Laser ® brand has become synonymous with high performance, with compact but powerful laser devices, and above all with superior quality.
K-Laser ® is an icon from which competitors have always taken inspiration in the attempt to bridge the gap that we have always been able to create. Even today we see new actors trying to copy our design and our style, as if to create a confusion of identity.

We are K-Laser ® , the only one, the original, the authentic.
We are and we have always been Made in Italy.
We are K-Laser CUBE.

Furthermore, we are also developing a series of new K-Laser Speciale Live Therapy and K-Laser Cube Performance 30 products that you can check out on our official website: www.klaser.eu

I would also like to inform you that we have a new K-Laser USA service center. Should you need any service assistance, please contact:

K-Laser USA Service
T: 605-874-7000
Email: [email protected]

In case you need more information, please contact the email address [email protected]
The doors of our company are always open to all of you customers, because we say what we do and do what we say.

A sincere thanks to all of you.

Best wishes,

Giorgia Zanata
CEO Eltech K-Laser S.r.l.

MORE INFO: copy of the injunction from the Award, in which we got justice in response to our former distributor’s illicit behavior.