Cookie Policy


Version January 2024


The purpose of this policy is to inform you clearly and accurately about the cookies used on the website ≪≫ (the « Website »).

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that websites install on the computer or mobile device of users who visit them.

Cookies make it possible for a website or digital page to remember the actions and preferences of the user (login ID, password, language, font size, and other display preferences), so that the user does not have to reconfigure them when they return. Cookies are differentiated between first-party and third-party cookies, as well as between technical cookies (allowing user navigation), preference or customization cookies (remembering information), analysis or measurement cookies (tracking and analysis), and behavioral advertising cookies (developing a specific profile to display advertising based on it). There are also session cookies and persistent cookies depending on the length of stay.

What cookies do we use?

Technical cookies

These are cookies considered essential for navigation on our Website as they facilitate the use of its features or tools. For more information, click here [include link to preference panel].

Analysis cookies

These are cookies, either our own or third-party, that allow us to provide you with a good navigation experience during your visit to our website. They allow us to analyze the use of the website so that we can perform metrics and improve its performance. For more information, click here [include link to preference panel].

Behavioral advertising and social media cookies

These are cookies that help us remember your preferences, helping us to conduct more efficient and tailored marketing based on your interests. This also allows us to improve our Website by facilitating how we interact with our users. Likewise, these cookies allow you to express your opinion, thus facilitating interaction with social networks. For more information, click here [include link to preference panel].

How do I configure or delete cookies?

In addition to managing consent through our preference panel if available, you can accept, block, or delete cookies installed on your device by configuring the options it offers. However, this may affect the functioning of the Website, making the user experience less satisfactory or even preventing the use of the Website.

Additionally, you can find more information about cookies in this Guide


We reserve the right to modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with the provisions of the Legal Notice [include link to legal notice].


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our Cookies Policy by sending us an email to [email protected].