Advanced Online Course Equine

Our Equine Advanced Course is the perfect opportunity for you to gain advanced knowledge in treating the most common pathologies and improving performance using INDIBA. So, register and take your skills to the next level!

  • Module 1 – Review of Key Concepts
  • Module 2 – Mechanisms of action and Therapeutical Design
  • Module 3 – Inflammation Phases: Therapeutical Objectives and How to Optimize Processes
  • Module 4 – Combinations with other Modalities
  • Module 5 – Applications in Rehabilitation and Repair of Injuries
  • Module 6 – Applications in Sports Performance



The Advanced Online course sessions can only be accessed by users that have completed the Basic course and would like to get the most out of their treatments by acquiring new skills to treat specific conditions.


Your serial number is on the back of your device. It is made up as follows: 2 numbers, 1 to 2 letters, 6 numbers