Reimagine Intimate Health with Care

Harnessing the power of 448 kHz monopolar radiofrequency, our non-invasive device accelerates natural recovery. Scientifically proven, it stimulates stem cells, promotes tissue regeneration, and ensures painless, safe treatments for comprehensive wellness.



Current will only flow through the patient when contact is optimal

Easy to Use

Each device has user-friendly and intuitive programs


Device attachments and specific controls make treatments highly targeted

Personalised Treatments

Personalised Treatments


All devices are made of high-quality, durable materials and components


A range of accessories can be attached to make treatments adaptable


Pelvic Health Treatment

Enhance manual therapy and therapeutic exercise effectiveness by reducing pain, boosting blood flow, and relaxing muscles. Experience rapid recovery, improved pelvic muscle function, and lasting pain relief for your clients.

Gynecoaesthetic Treatment

INDIBA delivers fast and effective results when treating vaginal, urinary or menopause symptoms. Our pain-free technology stimulates tissue repair, relieves symptoms, and reduces pain and inflammation.



Anchored in the extensively researched 448 kHz frequency, scientifically proven for consistent clinical efficacy, RGN employs a distinctive fixed radiofrequency.


Studies highlight its prowess in stimulating stem cell proliferation, mobilizing fat deposits, and accelerating fibroblast migration, fostering cellular and tissue regeneration.


This dynamic approach alleviates pain, reduces discomfort, enhances vascularization, and tones pelvic muscles. RGN distinguishes itself with painless, safe, and non-invasive treatments, blending thermal and electrical effects.

This innovative device ensures a spectrum of treatment benefits, facilitating faster recovery in the short and long term across various conditions, promising a brighter horizon for patient well-being.

Accessories and Consumables