Premium NS Intima

Elevate Pelvic Health and Master Aesthetic Excellence

Utilizing monopolar radiofrequency at 448 kHz, it accelerates natural healing, stimulates stem cells, and promotes tissue regeneration. Painless, safe, and versatile – revolutionizing gynecology and aesthetics for optimal well-being.



Thousands of clinics and doctors world wide trust and work every day combining its treatments.

Cutting-Edge Design

Independent and integrable device and stand. Intutive touch screen. Return Plate heater.


Extensive selection of accessories for different anatomical areas and medical speciaties.

Easy to Use

Intuitive software and electrodes adapted to each treatment zone. Software version upgrading and new functionalities via WiFI.


Maximum precision in energy output.


Tested in the most demanding work environments. High quality in all accessories and components.

Monitoring Software

Storage and management of patients’ clinical data.


Contact detection control, maximum reliability and safety during treatment.

Continuous Modulation (Patented)

Greater Electrical Intensity with no increase in the temperature of the tissue.

*Patent: (N:2 658 762 / E52 650 762 01)

Validated and Customizable application protocols

Clinical practice guides endorsed by experts, for proven, homogeneous and reproducible results.


Pelvic Health Treatment

Enhance manual therapy and therapeutic exercise effectiveness by reducing pain, boosting blood flow, and relaxing muscles. Experience rapid recovery, improved pelvic muscle function, and lasting pain relief for your clients.

Gynecoaesthetic Treatment

INDIBA delivers fast and effective results when treating vaginal, urinary or menopause symptoms. Our pain-free technology stimulates tissue repair, relieves symptoms, and reduces pain and inflammation.




With INDIBA Radiofrequency, only 3 sessions of 15 minutes are enough to address a complete process of female genital rejuvenation, resulting in better tissue and mucus compaction, during a pleasant and painless procedure.

Dr. Jackie Calleja Gynecologist – Madrid


Premium NS is a medical device that uses monopolar radiofrequency technology to accelerate and enhance the body’s natural healing process, providing various therapeutic benefits to patients. The treatment method relies on the well-studied frequency of 448 kHz, which has been proven scientifically to produce consistent clinical outcomes.

Numerous studies demonstrate how our unique fixed radiofrequency at 448 kHz can stimulate stem cell proliferation, mobilize fat deposits, accelerate fibroblast migration, promote chondrocyte differentiation, and improve cartilage quality.

Furthermore, the Premium NS offers painless, safe and non- invasive treatments, combining thermal and electrical effects, to provide a wide range of treatment benefits for patients and faster recovery in both the short and long term across a breadth of conditions.

Accessories and Consumables

  • Use of pacemakers or other electronic implants.
  • Pregnancy
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Oncological patient:
    • Cured patient. Can be treated.
    • Active tumour. Avoid tumour and regional ganglions.
    • During oncological treatment. Refer to the oncologist.
  • Infections: do not treat the involved area.
  • Anticoagulant medication: ask the doctor in charge.
  • Treatment in paediatric population: Ask the pediatrician in charge, given authorization, apply less output power, close attention to skin colour changes and skin palpation by the therapist to control the local heat.
  • Impaired cognition. Apply less output power, close attention to skin colour changes and skin palpation by the therapist to control the local heat.
  • Impaired sensation: Apply less output power, close attention to skin colour changes and skin palpation by the therapist to control the local heat.
  • Wounds and burns: Work under aseptic conditions and under subthermal mode.
Side effects After treatment, it is normal for patients to feel a warm sensation in the treatment area. The patient may also notice some temporary discomfort in this area. Rarely, the application of INDIBA® PROIONIC® Creams may cause minor skin irritation.