Manual Therapy: improve your results and take care of your hands with INDIBA

Published: 16 August, 2022

Marina Rodriguez Alonso | Veterinarian, master in equine physiotherapy | Global Brand Manager INDIBA Animal Health


Manual therapy refers to the techniques used by the therapist in which she/he uses her/his hands (massages, mobilizations, osteopathy or chiropractic) as the only instrument or accompanied by some tool, with a beneficial purpose for the patient. It is often thought that it is only used to solve orthopedic problems, but it also has uses in lymphatic drainage and edema, pain management, visceral conditions, and may include techniques of fascia mobilization, techniques of range of motion and stretching; mobilization or manipulation of soft tissues, among others.

Techniques can be very varied, from gentle rubbing to pressure techniques to release myofascial trigger points. It is an essential part of physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques, making it a type of therapy that very often accompanies many protocols within this specialty.

How does INDIBA help in manual therapy?

INDIBA can be of great help in two very important aspects:

Reaches the deepest tissues or those that are difficult to reach: even with the most advanced mobilization techniques, only with manual therapy it is very difficult to reach all structures. For example, a sacroiliac joint in a horse or a stifle in a large dog, with signs of pain and poor mobility, can hardly be treated with manual therapy alone.  And here is where INDIBA comes in! It is the perfect tool to reduce pain and inflammation of the area, offering an added effect of repair and tissue regeneration.


Takes care of your hands: before any manual technique, it is advisable to relax the tissues to improve flexibility, reduce pain and increase the local temperature. Classically, this relaxation is obtained after a massage that combines various techniques and of variable depth (friction, petrissage, passive mobilization, etc.), which can take up to 30min according to the area and patient.  Again, INDIBA to the rescue! With 10 to 15 minutes of therapy with our technology, the tissues get relaxed, warmed up, and ready for the next phase of manual therapy. And why stop there? You can perform manual therapy (massage and mobilizations) at the same time that you apply INDIBA. In addition to protecting your hands from wear, you also save time!


Apart from the large number of pathologies and speed, it is a therapy that allows you to work with both hands (…) Radiofrequency, in addition to treating pain, inflammation and biostimulating, allows you to work for example the range of motion of certain joints and the results are really spectacular.”

Leticia Estudillo

Rehabilitaria (Spain)



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