INDIBA Celebrates the First Blue Derma Distributors Convention with Innovation and Commitment

Published: 22 February, 2024

The pioneering meeting brings together more than 30 distributors of the revolutionary Blue Derma K Laser, marking a milestone in the INDIBA K-Laser Group’s 2024 strategy.

Barcelona, 22 February, 2024 – In an unprecedented event, INDIBA has marked an important milestone in its calendar by hosting the first Blue Derma Distributors Convention, held last Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th February. This historic meeting brought together more than 30 Blue Derma distributors from around the world for an intensive two-day session full of experience sharing and training on the Blue Derma K Laser.

The Convention stands out not only for being the first of its kind but also for emphasizing the importance of collaboration and innovation within the INDIBA K-Laser Group. This event is a clear reflection of the company’s ambitious 2024 strategy, which seeks to consolidate its leadership position in the advanced medical technology market.

Diederik, a visionary leader within INDIBA, shared his enthusiasm: “We are tremendously pleased to have brought together so many of our valued distributors for what has been not only an informative but also a highly engaging meeting. This event marks the beginning of a year in which we are fully committed to achieving our goals, further strengthening our market presence and our distributor community.”

The focus of the convention was on the innovative Blue Derma K Laser, the first of its kind on the market, and a truly portable 445 nm device. This blue laser performs non-invasive, non-bleeding treatments, minimizing the risk of infection and minimizing the need for analgesia. Its consumable-free design represents not only a technological breakthrough but also a milestone in modern medical practice, promoting safer, more efficient and accessible treatments for patients.

This meeting has not only served to reaffirm INDIBA’s commitment to innovation and excellence, but has also set a new standard in distributor training and collaboration. The Blue Derma Distributors Convention has laid the groundwork for a promising future, in which INDIBA and its partners continue to lead the way in revolutionizing medical treatments with cutting-edge technology.


INDIBA, based in Barcelona, is a world leader in physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine, beauty and veterinary solutions. The company is known worldwide for its scientific research over the past 40 years and the incredible range of treatments that this research has enhanced and made possible. Last year, INDIBA merged with K-Laser, opening it up to the development of new technologies and expanding the company’s product portfolio, medical research and indications, and geographic presence. It has 6 key divisions: Aesthetics, Beauty, Rehab, Sports, Intima and Animal Health.

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