Kyoto Hannaryz

A team that ignites passion and excitement among all who are touched by its spirit.

Hailing from the world-famous resort town of Kyoto, their team name, “HANNARYZ,” draws its inspiration from the elegant Kyoto dialect word “Han-nari,” representing beauty, grace, and elegance. This choice perfectly encapsulates the essence of Kyoto, a city rich in history and culture.

Since their announcement in November 2008, declaring their entry into the Bj League, Japan’s esteemed men’s professional basketball league, they’ve left an indelible mark in the Western Division, securing playoff berths and making championship runs.

Today, they stand tall in League B, the apex of Japanese basketball, established in 2016. In March 2022, they embarked on a new journey with a revamped administrative setup, led by MATSUSHIMA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and Archi M’s Co., Ltd. Their motto for the 2022-23 season speaks of unity and progress: “Together, we ascend.”

Cheick Diallo – Basketball Player Jugador de baloncesto

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