Facial aesthetics will never be the same again.

4-in-1 facial treatment combining hydrodermabrasion, electroporation, LED, and low-frequency electrotherapy to elevate skin to a new level.


The INDIBA® facial device combines hydrodermabrasion (double peel), electroporation, LED, and low-frequency electrotherapy to
elevate your skin to a new level of health and purity.

Exfoliates, Cleans, and Removes Impurities

Experience the transformative power of INDIBA ONA as it delicately exfoliates, thoroughly cleanses, and effectively eliminates impurities. The innovative combination of hydrodermabrasion, mechanical peeling, and chemical peeling enhances your skin’s purity, leaving you with a revitalized and radiant complexion.

Deep Moisturization

Indulge your skin in a spa-like hydration experience with ONA’s advanced technological synergy. The electroporation and LED technology penetrate up to 5mm deep, infusing our ONA Moisturizing Serum. Immerse your skin in the rejuvenating blend of hyaluronic acid, regenerating peptides, and plant extracts, ensuring deep moisturization and a luminous, supple texture.

Brightens and Unifies Skin Tone

Unveil a brighter and more even skin tone with ONA’s effective phototherapy. The LED lights, including the soothing blue, collagen-stimulating red, and combined violet, synergize with electroporation to enhance the results. Say goodbye to dullness as ONA works harmoniously to brighten and unify your skin tone.

Increases Muscle Tone, Helping to Improve Facial Contours

Elevate your facial aesthetics with ONA’s total anti-aging effect. Through low-frequency electrotherapy and massage, this revolutionary device stimulates facial musculature, promoting both contraction and relaxation. Experience improved muscle tone, reduced tension, and enhanced nutrient delivery, contributing to a more refined and contoured facial appearance.



Allows the removal of blackheads and impurities by using a special solution that is delivered with great power and then suctioned away with our radial tip, without damaging the skin.

Infuse and Treat

Increases and accelerates the penetration of the ONA Moisturizing Serum active ingredients up to 5mm deep, due to the temporary channels created by destabilizing the cell membrane, thanks to high-voltage pulses. In this process, the biological structure and cellular function is not damaged or altered.


Stimulates the facial musculature, contracting and relaxing the tissue repeatedly. It also reduces tension and improves nutrient delivery by increasing local blood circulation.


ONA is designed to work with different technologies

Chemical Peeling

Eliminates sebum and skin impurities, all while providing anti-aging active ingredients through our ON solutions.

Mechanical Peeling

Removes and cleans impurities via vacuum pressure (15 kPa to 80 kPa).

Low Frequency Electrotherapy

Modulated low-frequency (1kHz) contributes to muscle movement in a controlled manner, with the aim of toning the facial structure.

Electroporation + LED

Increases the penetration of ONA Moisturizing Serum through transient pores in the cells created by high voltage pulses over short durations.

Accessories and Consumables

Do not use this device on clients who are in any of the following cases:

  • Pregnant or nursing women.
  • Children.
  • Oncological disease.
  • Fever.
  • Open wound.
  • Active herpes.
  • Inflammation, infection and/or skin rash.
  • Skin disease.
  • Hemorrhagic disease.
  • Use of anticoagulant medication.
  • Decompensated diabetes.
  • Facial paralysis.

Treatment is contraindicated in conjunction with the following medical devices:

  • Electronic implants (pacemakers).
  • Artificial life support system (artificial heart or lung).
  • Ambulatory electronic medical devices (electrocardiogram).
  • Electrostimulators.