French Athletic Federation

Founded in 1920, the French Athletics Federation (FFA) is a non-profit association and brings together more than 300,000 licensees.

Its missions are:

  • The development, control and organization of the practice of athletics in all its forms (track, running, healthy athletics, young people)
  • The defense of the moral and material interests of French athletics
  • The representation of these disciplines at the international level

INDIBA is thus associated with all the major events of the FFA:

  • French Elite Indoor Championships
  • French Elite Championships
  • Paris Indoor Meeting
  • Paris Wanda Diamond League meeting
INDIBA is an integral part of therapeutic treatment. During the treatment, the physiotherapist takes into account the heat felt by the patient and applies precise methods to the location throughout the duration of the treatment.
Philippe Peytral – Physiotherapist Philippe Peytral – Physiotherapist

“In practice, INDIBA is a real third hand for the therapist, and its effects are quickly felt by the patient. We carry out treatments lasting 15 to 20 minutes with no perception of heat on the affected area in cases of inflammatory phase (bio-stimulation in non-thermal mode). Then, more and more heat is felt in cases of chronic phase. Initially, local tissue preparation is done in capacitive mode, while a combination of contraction exercises and stretching of the area is carried out in resistive mode. This is followed by more thermal work on the trigger points of the affected muscle chain, allowing it to rest.”



CT9 is a multifunctional device, delivering the most efficient results in the treatment of musculoskeletal, pelvic health and physio-aesthetic treatments.

Hands Free Pack

Hands Free adhesive electrodes and return plates will allow the therapist to perform differents treatments.

Fascia Pack

The myofascial electrodes are specially designed to connect directly to the device.

Transport Solution

Our carefully designed transport case will facilitate and protect the device, accessories and creams when being transported around.