K-Laser for Sports Med Practices Webinar

February 27, 2023 - March 27, 2023​

Hello and welcome to another Laser Therapy Institute webinar. This webinar is being brought to you in collaboration with K-Laser USA. Your main speaker today is Dr. Jason Rountree, the founder of Laser Therapy Institute and a K-Laser user for a decade. He is a chiropractor and is also a certified medical laser safety officer with additional certifications in Physical and Neurological Diagnosis as well as Anti-Aging. He is the owner and director of an integrated regenerative medicine and laser aesthetics clinic delivering 10,000 laser treatments per year.Dr. Rountree is joined today by Dr. Agnieszka Cluchey, a chiropractor and owner of Healing Waters Laser Center in Illinois and LTI Expert Member since 2019.Both of your presenters have used laser to treat hundreds of sports injury patients, from sprain/strains to fractures to traumatic brain injuries, working with high-performing military members, fighters, gymnasts, ball players, and more.Today, we will start by discussing three common sports-related conditions: overuse syndrome, sprains, and mild traumatic brain injury. At the end, Dr. Rountree will be demonstrating how to use K-Laser’s newest devices for sports injury treatments.Why should you join this webinar (key learnings):
  1. 3 common sports injuries: overview and application of PBM for overuse syndrome, ligament sprain, mild traumatic brain injury
  2. Proper use of ice for sports injuries
  3. Laser therapy in the field vs in clinic
  4. Contraindications to laser therapy in the sports med environment
  5. How to elevate your sports med practice with K-Laser
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Jason Rountree, DC, CMLSO

Laser Therapy Institute, USADr. Rountree holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Logan University, board certified in chiropractic and physiotherapy and licensed in the state of Montana; additional certification in neurological and physical diagnosis and anti-aging. Jason is also a Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer. and an active member of the Laser Institute of America and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. He has treated athletes for 13 years including wrestlers, hockey players, and high-performing military members. Dr. Rountree provides coaching for laser therapy providers across the United States and around the world through Laser Therapy Institute, an international training organization for high-intensity laser therapy practitioners. He is the owner and clinic director of an integrated regenerative medicine and laser aesthetics clinic delivering 10,000 laser treatments per year.[/profile][profile photo=”https://www.indiba.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Agnieszka-Cluchey_webinar-profile.png”]

Agnieszka Cluchey, DC

Healing Waters Laser Center, Galena ILDr. Cluchey holds a BS in Pre-Medicine from St. Xavier University. She also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from National University of Health Sciences. She is board certified in chiropractic and licensed in the state of Illinois. Dr. Cluchey has been a member of Laser Therapy Institute since 2019 and is the owner and director of her own laser therapy clinic since 2018 where she treats sports injuries in football and basketball players, gymnasts, Muay Thai fighters, and more. Prior to operating her own practice, she treated patients in a variety of settings including a 2-year stint in her native Poland. In addition to running a successful practice, she is married and is a proud mom to two girls, three cats, a fish, and a frog.[/profile]To watch it, register using the form below.