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Published:6 May,2021

Testimony of Mathias Willame
Osteopathic Physiotherapist, Espace Physioperf in Nîmes


“Friday evening emergency – a patient with lumbar disc disease and right knee instability due to a non-operated anterior cruciate lesion.  With a simple movement, she blocked her knee.

The examination showed loss of automatic rotation of the femorotibial joint and significant reflex contracture of the popliteus, internal rectus, long adductor, sartorius and lumbo-pelvic muscles (limitation of iliac movements), favouring the absence of rolling and harmonious sliding of the condyles on the tibial plateau, thus increasing pain +++ and functional impotence.

The aim of the treatment was to restore mobility, lift contractures and allow walking.

To do this: we combined our hands (manual therapy) with INDIBA (Biostimulation which accelerates physiological processes by acting at the same time on pain receptors, neuromuscular spindles, optimisation of vascular exchanges… to lift reflex contractures).

It was a pleasure to be able to quickly restore 80% of function (in 20 minutes with this immediate management). Treatment followed by NSAID intake over 4 to 5 days, 1 complementary treatment, 24 hours later, targeting the pelvis with an active treatment on the knee. The return plate should be placed away from the knee to have a transverse effect.

This positive result for the patient and us is neither magic nor the result of chance, but a combination of technique and tools, allowing a physiological response and an early return to the field.”

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