How my hip pain (arthrosis) disappeared.

Published:17 March,2021

Patient’s Experience by Mathias Willame
Osteopathic Physiotherapist, Espace Physioperf in Nîmes (30), 04 66 36 68 95

“It’s been several years since a discomfort in my left hip gradually set in, with many consequences: complete blockage of the hip on 2 occasions, preventing me from walking for a few minutes, limping that I wasn’t aware of and difficulty lifting my leg.

Chronic pain at night, irrespective of my sleeping position and sitting on a couch became unbearable. After 5 months of weekly sessions with a physiotherapist, specialized in posture, combined with daily stretching exercises at home and bi-weekly gym attendance, I felt an improvement in my flexion ability, making it possible for me to dress up on my own, reducing hip pain with a migration of the pain to the knee.

With physiotherapy sessions no longer bringing any improvement and still not helping rotation of the left hip, the practitioner advised me on the one hand to go for an X-ray and on the other hand to change the physiotherapy method. I had lost all the progress I had made after stopping sessions for 15-days during my holidays. The X-ray revealed a grade IV coxarthrosis.

We started with massage sessions associated with Indiba (twice a week), then rehabilitation sessions : 1 Indiba session, 1 rehabilitation session for 4 weeks, then integrated sessions with a physical trainer, and finally spaced the Indiba sessions to once every 15 days while maintaining   physical training to once every week.

I also maintained the gym sessions twice a week and repeated the exercises I saw at Espace Physioperf. The results were spectacular, as I regained flexion right from the second session, the hip pains faded away little by little. From the fourth week, I regained hip rotation with stretched leg. After about ten weeks, no more knee pain, almost no more hip pain whether it be chronic at night or on the couch. So I stopped taking painkillers and I regained the pleasure of sleeping at night.

Thank you Mathias WILLAME and the entire team who have helped prevent my loss of autonomy through innovative practices and a truly coordinated approach to care, made it recede, helped me sleep and game me the pleasure of going to the movies.”

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