AH 100

Revitalizing small animals’ lives.

Scientifically-proven radiofrequency technology that reduces recovery time and enhances the quality of life of small animals.


Top Choice for Rehabilitators

Discover the top choice of leading rehabilitators for unparalleled pain management and well-being treatments. The AH-100 sets the standard, delivering exceptional results that prioritize animal health and recovery.


Designed with safety as its foremost priority, this advanced technology ensures a secure and reliable environment for every treatment, for both practitioners and animals.


With a commitment to accuracy, it ensures targeted and effective interventions with pre-set protocols that tailored to each individual case.


Say goodbye to invasive procedures. The AH-100 champions non-invasive treatments, offering a gentle yet powerful approach to animal care.


Our cutting-edge technology prioritizes the comfort of animals, ensuring they receive the care they need without unnecessary discomfort.

Built-In Protocols for Efficiency

The built-in protocols optimize efficiency, providing a structured approach to treatments and enhancing overall effectiveness.


Joint & Muscle Pain

Targeting osteoarthrosis, dysplasia, neck and back pain, and pain associated with neurological processes for comprehensive joint and muscle pain management.

Swift Recovery Solutions

Accelerating recovery for cruciate ligament tear, disc hernia, and neurological processes, whether through conservative methods or post-surgery interventions.

Sporting Dog Wellness

Prioritizing sporting dog health with pre-exercise conditioning, post-exercise relaxation, and effective management of muscle pain, trigger points, and contractures.

Rehabilitation Expertise

Addressing fractures, tendinopathies, desmitis, bursitis, and fibrillar breaks with specialized rehabilitation solutions for optimal recovery and performance.



Extensive scientific research demonstrates that 448 kHz is the optimum frequency for producing the best therapeutic results today.


The radiofrequency-based therapeutic application bases its effect on increasing the heat of the treated tissues (diathermy).

The INDIBA technology also generates unique and scientifically proven effects at cellular level with the 448kHz frequency, which stimulates and accelerates the tissue repair mechanisms.

INDIBA technology treats the injury utilizing bio-stimulation generated by the electrical effect, or by combining bio-stimulation with heat generation in the tissues.

Accessories and Consumables

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    • Capacitive resistive monopolar radiofrequency
    • Fixed and stable 448 kHz output frequency


    • Size and weight: 39 x 40 x 16 cm; 6 kg
    • Input voltage margin 100-240 VAC
    • Maximum output power 65 W (RES) mode / 250 VA (CAP) mode


    • User interface on 7″ high resolution touchscreen
    • User-defined working mode
    • Predefined protocols
    • Personalized protocol programming mode
    • WiFi connection
    • 1-100% Power control
    • Power limitation control
    • Modulated signal option
    • 1-99 minutes time selection

    Accessories Included

    • Handle for capacitive electrode
    • Handle for resistive electrode
    • Large return plate and disposable small return plate
    • Capacitive electrode Ø 30, 40, 55 mm
    • Capacitive electrode 25 mm curved
    • Resistive electrode Ø 35, 50, 65 mm
    • Remote control

    Optional accessories*

    • Vet Conductive Gel
    • Proionic Vet Lotion
    • Welcome pack
    • Trolley for device, carrying case
    • 2 years of WARRANTY
    • Basic and practical training included.