Intimate Health

Discover the transformative power of INDIBA® radiofrequency therapy at 448kHz. Renew cells, alleviate pain, boost tissue vascularization, and enhance pelvic muscle tonicity for comprehensive intimate health.

Radio Frequency Technology

INDIBA technology utilizes the power of radiofrequency to enhance the body’s natural healing process, providing various therapeutic benefits to patients. The treatment method relies on the well-studied frequency of 448 kHz, which has been proven scientifically to produce consistent clinical outcomes.

Treatment Indications

Relief of pain and inflammation after surgical procedures
  • Post-surgical erythema, post-surgical inflammation, Post-surgical pain, urogenital surgery
Pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Postpartum pain, Pudendal nerve entrapment, pudendal neuralgia, vulvodynia, Peyronie’s disease, perineal hypertonia, erectile disfunction, vaginismus
Tissue regeneration of damaged skin
  • Anal fissure, Haemorrhoids, vaginal inflammation, vulvar disorders
  • Oedema and hematoma reabsorption enhancement
  • Myomas, Rectal inflammation

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Elevate Women's Intimate Health to New Horizons. Clinically proven intimate health solutions for effective and precise treatments.

Premium NS

Elevate pelvic health and master aesthetic excellence with the market's most versatile tool for gynecology and aesthetics.
Pain Relief

Effectively alleviates pain and associated symptoms in conditions such as vulvodynia, endometriosis, vulvar lichen, endometrial atrophy, vaginal hyperlaxity, and uterine fibroids.

Genital Aesthetics

Our intimate health treatment can enhance genital aesthetics through both external and intracavitary rejuvenation procedures.

Accelerate Tissue Recovery

INDIBA accelerates tissue recovery in post genital surgery, postpartum in the genital/abdominal region, and in cases of wounds or tears, demonstrating its effectiveness in promoting healing.

Scar Retraction & Hypertrophy Prevention

INDIBA treatment effectively prevents hypertrophy and scar retraction, particularly beneficial in postpartum care for the genital/abdominal region and addressing scarring concerns.

Tissue Vascularization

INDIBA treatment enhances tissue vascularization, proving beneficial for conditions like vaginal hyperlaxity and as an adjuvant treatment for fertility concerns.

Stimulate Lubrication

INDIBA treatment stimulates lubrication, offering relief for dyspareunia, vaginal dryness, and vulvovaginal atrophy, addressing intimate health concerns.


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