Panathinaikos BC

Panathinaikos BC is a global sports brand with over 101 years’ experience. The team has developed into the most successful Greek basketball team and one of the most successful teams in European basketball. Supported by millions of loyal fans, all proud to be a member of the Panathinaikos community.

Panathinaikos Basketball team’s success is highlight through their multiple achievements including:

  • 6 EuroLeague
  • 38 Greek Championships
  • 19 Greek Cups
  • 1 Intercontinental Cup
  • 2 Triple Crowns

Another key pillar, contributing to their success, is the organizational infrastructure that consists of a dedicated team of experts in their field of business, with strong expertise in the sports industry, who plan and implement all key activities, further enhancing the team’s leading position in the global sports industry.

The Panathinaikos team choose INDIBA Activ to improve their recovery and reduce pain. With INDIBA Activ the body’s natural repair process is accelerated, and treatment of an injury can begin in the acute phase; reducing pain, swelling and speeding up recovery.
Elliot William – Basketball player

“I had a hip injury on the road, it was a pulled groin, and I came back and used INDIBA for 4 to 5 days and it helped very well. I was able to play in a game 5 days later and ever since then I’ve been using it and it’s been really successful.”

Giannis Zygouris – Head of physiotherapist Philippe Peytral – Physiotherapist

Panathinaikos chose to acquire INDIBA as every major sports team has. It’s an innovative technology in the physiotherapy spectrum. It’s complete in term of capabilities. We use it both for rehabilitation and recovery as well for preventing injuries which is of great value. INDIBA brought a drastic change of our workflow. It accelerated our rehabilitation practice. It’s like offering the physiotherapist a third or fourth hand. It would be inconsiderable for a team like PAO BC not own one.”



CT9 is a multifunctional device, delivering the most efficient results in the treatment of musculoskeletal, pelvic health and physio-aesthetic treatments.

Hands Free Pack

Hands Free adhesive electrodes and return plates will allow the therapist to perform differents treatments.

Fascia Pack

The myofascial electrodes are specially designed to connect directly to the device.

Transport Solution

Our carefully designed transport case will facilitate and protect the device, accessories and creams when being transported around.