2 Running Club

The Movistar Team is the longest-running, most successful squad in pro cycling’s top tier, the UCI WorldTour, in which the top 19 men’s cyclist teams compete at a global level.

Members of the 2 Running Club are always searching for something better, pushing the limits and train with the mindset that “if you want to best the best you have to train like you are second best”.

The group is made up of 35 athletes who compete at an international level, with specialties ranging from 800m up to the marathon. Key athletes of the group include:

  • Evan Chebet: Winner of the Valencia Marathon (2020) with a time of 2h 03’00, placing him in sixth place in the world marathon ranking and the World’s fastest marathon athlete in 2020.
  • Amos Kipruto: who won a bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships in marathon and came fourth in the Valencia marathon with 2h 03’30, placing him in eleventh place in the world marathon ranking.
  • Vincent Kipchumba: Winner of the Vienna and Amsterdam Marathon in 2019. Second place in the 2020 London marathon, beaten by just one second. Staff OF 2h 05’09 “.
  • Benson Kipruto: Winner of the Toronto Marathon in 2019.
    Margaret Chelimo: World silver medalist in the 2019 5000m distance, and considered once of the best athelets in the world within the 5000m speciality.
  • Eunice Sum: Is a highly experience athlete and a world champion in 800m (2013), received bronze at the word championships (2015) and secured fifth place at the world championships (2019).
INDIBA Activ allows to:
  • Accelerate healing
  • Promote blood circulation and oxygen supply for tissue regeneration
  • Evacuate intramuscular hematoma
  • Rehabilitate gradually to regain strength and flexibility
Evans Chebet – Athlete Movistar Team

“Treatment with Indiba technology is now an integral part of our work. It is not simply a preventive or curative treatment for injuries but we can now consider it a real training tool because through the treatments we create the best conditions for our body to be able to express itself at its best in training and in competition.”

Margaret Chelimo – Athlete Movistar Team

“In 2019, about 3 weeks before the Doha World Championships where I won a silver medal in the 5000m, I suffered a calf problem. Thanks to the use of Indiba technology, we were able to manage the problem and return to a normal training regimen within a few days. Having high-level physiotherapy assistance is essential for us professional athletes. It can really make the difference between winning or losing a medal. Thanks Indiba!”



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