INDIBA, S.A. is the result of the merger of two benchmark companies in the fields of aesthetics and medicine: INDIBA, S.A and SOR Internacional, S.A.

INDIBA, S.A was founded in Barcelona by José Calbet in 1983 with the objective of researching, developing and manufacturing innovative radio frequency equipment for electromedicine.

INDIBA, S.A. not only invented Proionic® System for diathermy treatments, it is also a global leader in this field and has adopted an exclusive and unique technology as a result of its patented methodology for electrotherapy with its brands: INDIBA® activ, INDIBA® Deep Beauty e INDIBA® Deep Care.

SOR Internacional, S.A. was founded in 1973 in Barcelona (Spain). It is a pioneer in the aesthetics sector in Spain, and it was the first manufacturer and marketer of rejuvenation, body contouring, laser hair removal and pressotherapy equipment, among others.

SORISA® Beauty Solutions have high added value, and this brand has become the benchmark for professionals of aesthetics and well-being.


• EMC patent (electromagnetic compatibility), which prevents interference by INDIBA® equipment with other electronic systems.

• CAP-RES patent (capacitive-resistive system), which increases the effectiveness of treatments.

• Patent for skin treatments using visible light.

• Patent for the manufacture of radiating ceramics.

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